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Will Norah Jones Dominate the Chart for a
Sixth Week?
Two strong-selling albums hit the streets yesterday, but neither appears likely to be able to dethrone Norah Jones, whose Feels Like Home (Blue Note) continues its lengthy run atop the album chart.

Will Jones score a sixth week at #1? Probably. This week, she logged her fifth week on top, and the last time anyone did that was when Eminem released his venerable Eminem Show (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) two years ago. And just think of it—Norah Jones doesn’t even throw down the ill freestyles. At least not that we know of.

If she goes for six, Jones will be in the rarefied company of Wind-up's Creed, whose Weathered was the last album to spend six weeks or more at #1, going eight in a row in 2001.

According to early reports from national accounts, next week’s top chart debuts will come from J RecordsCassidy, whose Split Personality appears to be on track to sell around 110k or better, and Republic/Universal’s Godsmack, whose low-priced acoustic EP looks like it’s headed for a first-week total of about 100k. Both albums should fall comfortably within the Top 10.

Both Cassidy, who hails from Philly, and Bostonians Godsmack could see their albums trend up during the week, since a large snowstorm in the northeast yesterday may have depressed their first-day sales.

Meanwhile, all of the retail seems to be gearing up for the release of Usher’s Confessions (LaFace/Arista) next week. Yes, Usher’s going to be huge. And, as some of our more body-conscious retail analysts have noted, he’s totally ripped.

So take all the supplements you want, weakling. Usher will crush all.