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Everyone’s Favorite Shock-Rock Ghoul is Back
Ah, the beautiful people. And we’re not talking about the eight-figure fashion-hunting trendmongers prowling Rodeo Drive. No, we’re talking about Marilyn Manson.

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Yes indeed, Manson’s latest opus, The Golden Age of Grotesque (Interscope), hit stores yesterday, and according to early reports from national accounts, it appears headed for a first week in the neighborhood of 150k or better.

That’ll be good for a #1 debut. If not, we’ll chain ourselves in a filthy dungeon where we’ll quiver and twitch in unsettling ways (for the camera) before eating our own eyeballs with a sharpened teaspoon.

But wait: There’s more. Cold’s Year of the Spider (Flip/Geffen) looks like it’ll do about 120k-130k for the week, putting it right up there near the top of the chart as well.

Third Eye Blind’s Out of the Vein (Elektra), meanwhile, is also headed for a solid debut, with early first-week projections giving it a shot at 100k.

Next week, it’s all about Elektra’s Staind: Will it have a first week of 500k-600k? As of right now, we have absolutely no idea. But once the record comes out next week, you can bet we’ll pretend to.

Now go put on a fright wig and some mismatched contact lenses and scare someone.