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"This is about our commitment to providing tools and resources for our clients that are both powerful and flexible."
——John Melillo, VP emi musicResources.


Pubco’s Online "Search-to-Quote" Offering for Licencees Promoted With Sweet, Crunchy Cereal
Sure, Warner/Chappell launched an online service already this week, while Sony/ATV has had an Internet offering for some time. But do they give you anything to eat?

We thought not. But emimusicpub.com—which will allow music supervisors, advertisers and others to search the music-publishing behemoth’s holdings for song and licensing info—is being launched in conjunction with a breakfast cereal, Search-e-os.

Search-e-os? Well, to remind you of the site’s "Search-to-Quote" functionality, which the EMI folks claim is the first ever.

Hey, what do you expect from a bunch of stoned marketing people on deadline? Speaking of which, gimme that box of Search-e-os.

Mmmmmm, crunchy. Informative. Plus, there's a free CD-ROM, user ID and password on specially marked passages.

"This is about our commitment to providing tools and resources for our clients that are both powerful and flexible," declared John Melillo, VP emi musicResources, EMI Music Publishing. "This release of our site has dramatically more content and for the first time allows users to manage as many attributes of their projects as they like, from creative to business, all on the site. And I’m told there’s some humorous cereal tie-in, but my contract prevents me from attempting to be funny."

We have a similar clause in our contract, so let’s just look at the site’s features, shall we?

Users can search EMI catalog and request a licensing quote, with searches available by title, artist, writer, hit year, album, label, film and show. A separate lyric search permits breakdowns by mood or subject.

The "Sync Tank" is a password-protected area for music professionals, where secret things go on that we don’t know about—since we’re rank amateurs. But we’re told it allows site members to organize and track projects.

There’s also News & Charts, EMI contact info and, of course, a chart of the food groups.

By the way, enjoy hitsdailydouble.com’s generic booze promotion. It’s headache-a-rific!