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Streaming Sub Service Radio MX Now Includes Artsy-Fartsy Posers, Too
San Diego digital music company MusicMatch today announced that its “near music-on-demand” streaming subscription service, Radio MX, is now available for users of Macintosh computers.

Radio MX, which has been available for Windows computers since its launch in May 2001, can be accessed through MusicMatch’s Jukebox software, a new Mac version of which was also made available today. Radio MX costs $4.95 per month; MusicMatch claims it has signed up 90,000 subscribers for the Windows version since May.

Features of Radio MX include the ability to specify “channels” by artist, genre or era and a “next track” button enabling listeners to skip tracks they don’t like. MusicMatch has also developed personalization technology that can select music for users based on what they’ve played on their MusicMatch Jukebox. Both the Jukebox and Radio MX are available for download ($19.95 for the Plus version of the Jukebox) at www.musicmatch.com.

“MUSICMATCH Radio MX has been an overwhelming success with Windows users, and we are very pleased to extend the service to Mac owners,” said Sr. VP Product Marketing Christopher Allen. “Now, if we could just find a few, we’ll be in business.”