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This Year’s Event Features Davis, Tyler

Oh sure, it may be another R&R confab to you, but the Radio & Records Convention 2002 is the first one we at HITS get to experience firsthand since entering into our special lovefest relationship with the world’s greatest radio trade paper. We love R&R, and we can’t wait to hang with our brethren at this year’s gathering. We’ve come a long way from putting Nair in Joel Denver’s underpants.

"I can’t believe it either," said Radio & Records Publisher/CEO Erica Farber, who told us that, while there will be some high-profile events at this year’s convention—like Clive Davis’ keynote speech and a conversation with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler—the emphasis will be on what’s causing everyone stress right now: Life.

"I think if there was ever a good time for people to get together, it’s now," she stated. "The historical models of both the record and radio industries are being dismantled. Instead of pointing fingers, there’s never been a better time for people to sit down and cooperate."

Of course, such a pressing survivalist mandate has not always been the case at the confab, as many have fond memories of drunk and drooling radio nimrods being wined and dined by drunk and drooling label nimrods in a free-for-all atmosphere that would make Caligula proud.

"We hardly hear those stories these days," said Farber, referring to two "sobriety-oriented" sessions at this year’s convention. That said, don’t expect a boot camp. "While I hope that it’s not a drunken bacchanal, there’s nothing wrong with people feeling comfortable enough to have a good time with people they like."

Proving she remains sensitive to the last vestiges of the old-school radio industry, Farber admitted that some sessions will be conducted in monosyllabic grunts.

"Me tell you in small words," she grunted, demonstrating her ability to cater to the particular needs of whatever audience she is addressing at the moment.

See you there.