HITS Daily Double


Ashanti and Celine Battle For #1
It’s close and it will get closer before the day ends.

Murder Inc./IDJ’s Ashanti and Epic’s Celine Dion are currently battling for the #1 spot on the HITS Top 50 Albums chart.

You may remember that two weeks ago, Dion made a monumental album chart debut with sales north of 500k. Then, one week later, newcomer Ashanti made her own monumental bow—also with sales north of 500k. Needless to say, overjoyed retailers welcomed two consecutive weeks of much-needed bliss. This third-week sales horse race may just be too much for them to handle, and they may experience sudden seizures—which would be kinda cool to watch.

So, who will win? That depends on whom you talk to. Since the only people who will talk to us is us—and we wouldn’t want to talk to anyone who would want to talk to us—we’re not talking to anyone. Thank you.

Stay tuned. The album chart will close shortly.