HITS Daily Double


New Installment Nabs $116 Million
The much anticipated latest installment of Star Wars took in $116.3 million in its first four days and became the second-fastest film—behind Spider-Man, which was released earlier this year—to top $100 million.

After grossing $30.1 million on opening day Thursday, Star Wars: Episode II—Attack of the Clones nabbed $86.15 million Friday to Sunday, the third-highest debut ever for a three-day weekend, behind Spider-Man and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, according to the Associated Press.

Even though the film was the second quickest ever to hit $100 million, it really didn’t come close to the b.o. record set two weeks ago by Spider-Man, which debuted with $114.8 million in three days. But Attack of the Clones had a faster start than its 1999 predecessor, Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace, which opened on a Wednesday and took five days to reach $105 million.

Playing in 3,161 theaters, Attack of the Clones averaged $27,254 per screen. The film opened in about 450 fewer theaters than Spider-Man because Star Wars creator George Lucas was choosy about locations, insisting on top-of-the-line cinemas with digital sound.

Spider-Man slipped to No. 2 in its third weekend but held up well with $46 million, bringing its total to $286.5 million in 17 days. The film already ranks 14th on the all-time domestic box office chart, just behind The Empire Strikes Back. The latest record for Spider-Man was hitting $250 million on Friday, its 15th day. The Phantom Menace had been the fastest film to cross that mark, in 19 days.