HITS Daily Double


Country Grammarian Headed for #1, Backed up by Big Debuts from Truth Hurts, N.O.R.E.
Herre ye, herre ye.

Representing the township of Nellyville, his honorable down-south hip-hop eminence Nelly hath entered it into public record that his new recording shall debut at #1 on next week’s Top 50 Albums chart. So sayeth early sales reports from national accounts.

Indeed, Nellyville (Universal) appears on track to sell over 600k and may have a shot at touching 700k before the week is over. Numbers like that, of course, pretty much guarantee that he’ll unseat rap’s current grand pooh-bah, Eminem, who has enjoyed five weeks on top in a more than challenging market.

Meanwhile, two other albums that hit the street Tuesday—N.O.R.E.’s God’s Favorite (Universal) and Dr. Dre protege Truth Hurts (Aftermath/Interscope)—look like they’ll move over 100k each for the week, which gives both a shot at next week’s Top Five.

Also selling is Will Smith’s new album, Born to Reign (Columbia), out in front of his new movie, Men in Black II, which will feature the album’s “Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)." The album appears headed for a 60k first week, which could land it in the Top 10.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled war, government scandal, corporate accounting scandal, or insider-trading scandal. Thank you.