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Country Superstar Leads All With 9/11 Tribute
Country superstar Alan Jackson will be big this week…but not as big as he could have been.

Jackson’s Drive (Arista) will cruise past 400,000 and that’s a whole lotta records, according to reports from national accounts. But because of the album’s surprise success, stock problems were rampant.

Despite the success of Jackson’s touching 9/11 tribute, "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning), " the retail sector didn’t really see this one coming even though the racks thought it was going to be debut at #1. And, had there been more records out there, it’s likely Drive would have driven off with plenty more.

In other sales news, Wind-up’s Creed will hold at #2 with sales just over 100,000 and Warner Bros.Linkin Park will likely stay at #3, selling in the 90s.

The Einsteins in radio tell us that at Top 40, it will be Alanis Morissette (Maverick) and NSYNC (Jive) vying for Most Added, with cleanup adds on Mary J. Blige (MCA), Kylie Minogue (Capitol) and Puddle of Mudd (Flawless/Interscope). Creed’s "Bulletts" will be Most Added at Alternative and Rock. At Crossover, it’s Lil’ Bow Wow (So So Def/Columbia) and Toya (Arista), and clean up on Brandy (Atlantic).