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After an invested $1 million, ListenSmart.com President/CEO, Sean Fenlon, is asking for $ 75,000 for the ill-fated business to be taken off his hands


GetMusic, Liquid, Phyllis Diller And Other Usual Tech-News Topics
GetMusic.com has launched a Shockwave interactive game, inspired by Limp Bizkit and the band's moshing concert crowd. The game features the band's "My Generation" track and tests players' virtual stage-diving abilities. It is being introduced exclusively at the site along with a contest. The player who crowd surfs the longest by April 16--before being thrown out by bouncers--wins tickets, airfare and accommodations for two to see the band and test their moshing skills in reality.

Liquid Audio, Inc. is pleased to announce a new Liquid Plug-in for the Winamp player. The new plug-in, available as a free download at both companies' websites, allows users of the popular digital-music player to access more than 150,000 secure downloadable tracks in the Liquid Audio format. Said Liquid macher Dick Wingate, "This extension of Liquid Audio's reach further establishes the viability of secure music in the emerging digital marketplace. Of course, music without a karaoke function is useless to me personally."

Independent artist and music portal Listensmart.com is up for sale. The company is closing its doors due to the familiar "lack of funds" predicament that is plaguing the dot-com community. After an invested $1 million, Listensmart President/CEO, Sean Fenlon, is asking for $ 75,000 for the ill-fated business to be taken off his hands, but is poised to start the bidding at $29.84 (the price of the locks and boards at the closed offices) on eBay.

Napster--perhaps you've heard of it--is really coming through on its promise to be a vehicle to promote emerging artists. And that's by choice, not some silly court order. Oh, wait. Anyway, StarPolish and Tonos have each signed deals with the swappery. Through its partnership with StarPolish, Napster has an "Advice" section which has nothing to do with Dear Abby—it provides musicians with advice on their careers. StarPolish is also participating in Napster's Featured Artist Program. Tonos is offering its Tonos TC8 home recording and mixing tool on the "Collaborate" section on Napster. This may be just the kind of news that song/press-release writer tobyslater (yes, that's how he spells it.) has been waiting for. The artist was the first to use TryMedia's ActiveMARK software, which allows listeners to make voluntary payments to songwriters. The software can also embed multimedia and security measures into music files. It can't protect listeners from bad music, however.

Bob Kohn
, the man who dreamed up EMusic, has announced the launch of "Comedy Service Provider" Laugh.com and a new comedy CD label. Laugh.com will sell the CDs and also has audio and video comedy clips for downloading. And you thought the market was laughing at dot-coms before. Said one online-music expert, "Nothing is likely to capture the hearts and wallets of young Internet enthusiasts like streaming video of Red Buttons."

As part of our fast-breaking, up-to-the-minute coverage, we've just learned that MP3.com has--get this--launched a new initiative. The netco's new pact with StoreTunes will purportedly provide businesses with the option of playing MP3.com artists as in-store music. As part of MP3.com Business Music Service, customers will be able to select music and advertising and promotional messages, all via the magic of the Internet. At least customers won't be subjected to a smooth-jazz version of "In A Gadda Da Vida."

I/OMagic Corporation, a developer and marketer of PC products, today announced the launch of the Neo Jukebox 2200, an MP3 Player with the ability to hold up to 20 GB of capacity. In addition to playing music, the Neo Jukebox 2200 can also hold massive amounts of files and can be used as an external hard drive, in case you prefer to hoist your desktop on your shoulder and carry it around like a boombox.

TouchTunes Music Corporation
today announced that it has extended its music-publishing license with Sony Music Publishing to year 2006. The agreement gives TouchTunes, a provider of music-on-demand digital jukeboxes, the right to copy, download and perform songs from Sony's music holdings. And if the jukeboxes fail to catch on, Sony plans to develop a race of killer androids to find and destroy them.

IUMA announced on Friday that it has signed an agreement to be acquired by Vitaminic, an Italy-based netco that promotes and distributes music over the Internet via a series of country-specific, interlinked sites. IUMA, a community website for musicians, will relaunch within a week, which gives artists just a few days to learn how to say "download my MP3s" in Italian.