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NARAS Board Votes NOT to Vote — for Now
A conference call between legal representatives for NARAS and the 41-member Board of Trustees took place Wednesday (10/24) regarding whether or not NARAS chief Michael Greene should be reprimanded for his alleged involvement in a well-publicized sexual harassment case.

On advice of counsel, the board voted not to vote on whether to suspend Greene. Instead, the board is green-lighting an internal investigation by an outside firm to determine whether there is cause to suspend.

NARAS attorneys are concerned that if the board suspends Greene in response to the allegations, he may turn around and sue the board, because he remains under contract.

According to insiders, board members are saying that they are expecting the independent investigation to prove that there are indeed grounds for Greene's dismissal, and that they'll take a vote after the investigation is concluded.

Some believe that if the vote were to be taken today, Greene would be ousted. According to our sources, there is growing consensus among the board members that Greene is out—it's just a matter of time before he topples.

That said, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. Greene has survived crisis after crisis, so there's always a chance he'll make it through this one as well.