HITS Daily Double


Columbia Soul Star Looks to Challenge the Franchise, With First-Week Sales Topping 200k, Juvenile Headed Past 150k, Adema Explodes to 50k
One thing’s for sure: A record titled Now will top next week’s HITS Album chart.

Now, whether that’s the new disc from Columbia R&B icon Maxwell or, for yet one more week, its fourth at #1, Virgin’s Now Vol. 7 compilation, still remains to be seen.

Based on first-day sales reports from retailers around the country, Maxwell’s Now album is trending towards first-week sales in the 200-225k range, a healthy boost from his last studio album, 1998’s Embrya, which sold 150k its debut week on its way to 1 million OTC to date. Observers are crediting a return to his neo-soul roots, which is oh, so happening right now.

After dropping 29% last week on its way to 273k, if the Now compilation falls a similar amount this week, we’ll have a new Now at the top.

Cash Money/Universal’s Juvenile scores with his third album, Project English, which should cross the 150k mark for its first week, which would place it squarely in the Top 5. His last album, 1999’s Tha G-Code, sold 300k its first week on the way to 1.3 million OTC.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the first-day totals on new Arista rock band Adema’s self-titled bow, fueled by PoMo spins and Top 10 Active airplay for the track, "Giving In." It looks to do over 50k for the week, an extremely impressive total for a debut.

Label Sr. Director Alternative and Rock Promotion Jeff "Turn Left &" Sodikoff was so excited he actually took our call: "When you have incredible music from an incredible band, it’s about strong set-up and thorough execution. We’re very excited about Adema and the way we married them to not only radio, but their fans also. Maybe now L.A. will finally let me attend a marketing meeting."