HITS Daily Double
"['Now,' Alicia Keys and NSYNC] continue to show incredible staying power."
——Tony Bazemore, AEC One-Stop


"Now," Alicia & NSYNC Still Rule, As Maxwell, Juvenile Get Ready To Roll, As DreamWorks Nails Two In Top 10
It’s becoming somewhat routine—the monster "Now" series holding on to the top spot (like it did this week), followed closely by the biggest music story of the year, J’s remarkable Alicia Keys (#2 this week). Add in those nutty youngsters of NSYNC in the #3 spot (where it is this week), and you have another satisfying week during a traditionally slow time of the year.

"Those three titles continue to show incredible staying power," said AEC One Stop Group’s Tony Bazemore, whose previous knowledge of staying power extended only to Pfizer’s nifty description on all Viagra packaging.

Bazemore remained firmly up on next week’s chart debuts for both Maxwell and Juvenile. "Although ‘Now 7’ will probably still be tops, those two should be vying for the two and three spots," he gurgled.

But for those of us with no lives, who pay an inordinate amount of attention to the sales chart, one label is clearly basking in its newfound glow. Check out DreamWorks, kiddies: Following last week’s #4 debut, the Isley Brothers remain in the Top 10, joined this week for the first time by Alien Ant Farm, which moves 11-9. Top that off with Nelly Furtado’s "Turn Off the Light" taking the album to new sales heights with an 18% jump over the previous week, and you’ve got some serious DreamWorks heat.

"That Bob Morgado is a genius," said AEC’s Bazemore.

Following "Now," NSYNC and Alicia in this week’s Top Five are the "American Pie 2" soundtrack (Republic/Universal) and Usher (Arista) in the fifth slot. You may now return to whatever it was you were doing.