HITS Daily Double
"Janet’s a little older now and the kids may have to re-relate to her…but she still should do well."
——Motown President/CEO Kedar Massenburg


"All For You" First-Day Sales Point To More Than A Half Million

Janet’s "All For You" is through the roof.

Based on first-day sales, the Virgin album, which hit stores yesterday, is headed over the 500k mark, and will easily top next week’s sales chart. Some retail insiders say the total could approach 600k.

One-stops were not surprised, with an informal pre-release survey for HITS putting first-week sales at 493k.

"Janet’s a little older now and the kids may have to re-relate to her…but she still should do well," predicted Motown President/CEO Kedar Massenburg when we posed as AT&T telemarketers. "It is Janet, after all."

And that seemed to be fans’ reaction to the album, which launched a month ago with the release of the title-track single, which exploded at radio its first week and is now #1 nationally in airplay.

MTV played its part in helping launch Janet's album on its "ICON" special last March 13, which honored the superstar with performances of her songs by Destiny's Child, Macy Gray, OutKast and Buckcherry, a special vocal tribute by NSYNC and a dance homage by Mya, Pink and Usher.

This week's relase of the new Jackson album sets up a duel of the divas at the cash register next week, with Destiny’s Child’s Columbia effort, "Survivor" going head-to-head with the second week of "All For You."

"They just seem to have that whole MTV culture locked down," added Massenburg about the trio, whose last album, "Writing's On The Wall," went seven times Platinum. "They’re everywhere."

Other top debuts this week include Tim McGraw’s "Set This Circus Down" (Curb/Atlantic), headed towards 250k, while Case’s "Open Letter" (Def Jam/IDJ) could exceed 75k and Roadrunner's Fear Factory looks to do in the 60-70k range.