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New Interactive DVD Lets Viewers Decide What To Look At — Hmmmm, We Wonder...
Fans of Britney Spears will soon have an opportunity to get better high-tech look at the teen popster.

In case, the Pepsi commercials, the dolls, the book and the forthcoming movie aren’t offering enough exposure for the fans, Spears will be releasing an interactive DVD called "Experience Britney" for use on a range of video game consoles.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean Britney’s goin’ toe-to-toe with Lara Croft—well, not yet anyway.

Produced by immersive technology company Enroute Inc., the DVD will employ 360-degree FirstPerson technology, allowing users to control where and what to watch on a wrap-around landscape.

The DVD will feature footage from Spears’ latest world concert tour—recorded from all angles on a 360-degree plain—and will also allow fans to go backstage.

"‘Experience Britney’ gives you the best seat in the house at a Britney Spears concert," Enroute founder Paul Cha said.

The 19-year-old songstress was reportedly "really excited" to be the first artist to use Enroute’s FirstPerson technology. "It’s a great way of watching a concert," Spears said. "Especially for that certain demographic of my fans who wouldn’t be caught dead at one of my shows, yet whose walls are covered with my image."

Those fans—along with the younger, less embarrassed fans—will have to wait until the end of the year, when "Experience Britney" is expected to hit the stores.