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This Roundup Of Recent Tech Headlines
Is Poetry In Motion
Here's something you won't find in today's (or next Monday's) Billboard Bulletin:

According to one definition, the haiku is "a contemplative poetry that… [usually] has 3 lines and 17 syllables distributed in 5, 7 and 5. It must register or indicate a moment, sensation, impression or drama of a specific fact of nature. It's almost like a photo of some specific moment of nature."

Well, we at HITS believe that, like the wonder of nature, tech stories have their own beauty as well—a beauty that, perhaps, is not properly captured until put in haiku form. Thanks to our own Eastern-educated (you can get to Oxford by going east, can’t you?) tech genius Simon Glickman, some of the more prominent recent dot-com stories have been recast in the haiku light.

Or perhaps what we mean is "haiku lite." Hmmm.

A.J. "Nick" Nichols
Mediates in Napster case
No one will comment

More about Napster
Filtering knocks down users
By seven percent

$3 bil in bonds sold?
Allays earnings fears

After many calls
Yahoo bows to the pressure
What, no porno now?

Launch.com has made
Amazon.com its source
For e-commerce stuff

Last week, Amazon
Screwed me with Borders story
Broke after deadline

EverAd’s PlayJ
Links with Windows Media
DRM plus ads

Liquid Audio
Selling Soulstice tracks online
Who’s heard of this band?

Other Liquid news
They just won a new patent
For watermarking

Radio stations
Streaming on the Net again
Software cuts out ads

CDNOW lays off
40, and shuts down L.A.
Allstar’s still around

More CDNOW news
Suit by shareholders thrown out
Misled? There’s no proof

House of Blues has launched
Dance-music site. Oy.

Targets ISPs to nail
Gnutella users

Freenet’s Ian Clarke
Gets lots of start-up money
Uprizer’s set, dude

Live365 signs
Pact with Audioramp Inc.
Never heard of ‘em

Britney and Justin
On Youtopia.com
Shop while the kids watch

Musicbank is toast
Big-label deals can’t save farm
40 get pink slips

IUMA’s back
Big ups to Vitaminic
Back to naming kids