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Tech Company Says Software Giant’s Anti-Copying Mechanisms Infringe On Patents
On Thursday (4/26), InterTrust sued Microsoft, claiming the software giant's music and video software illegally infringes its patent rights, reports CNET News.com.

InterTrust, one of several companies providing technology to protect songs and videos from being illegally copied, says Microsoft, which has added strong anti-copying mechanisms to its Windows Media Player, has come too close to InterTrust's patent-protected technology.

As well as asking for an unspecified amount of financial damages, the company is asking the court to force Microsoft to stop using its anti-piracy technology—an action that could force the giant to disable a key feature in its highly touted new multimedia software.

How the case is decided will carry far-reaching implications for companies like InterTrust, which—because of music and movie companies’ moving more content online—are on the cusp of widespread use.

For the rest of us, however, stories like this would only hold our interest if communicated by the girls of NakedNews.com.