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Death Row Calls Allegations "Ridiculous And Absurd," We Call Them "Maize"

Death Row Records issued a statement on Wednesday (5/23), responding to an article published in the June 7 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, concerning Death Row CEO Suge Knight.

According to the press release, Knight and his attorney are analyzing the inaccuracies of an article and statements made in the article by former Los Angeles police officer Russell Poole, regarding Knight and the LAPD’s Rampart Division. The allegations made in the article are regarded as "ridiculous and absurd" in the statement—so ridiculous and absurd, in fact, that Knight and his lawyers were surprised the allegations hadn’t originated in HITS magazine.

Death Row also noted that LAPD Chief Bernard Parks was recently quoted as believing the Rampart case has been "distorted beyond all proportion" by the media and police critics.

He was also quotes as saying, "Officer Poole had some theories that could not be substantiated. He only brought it up when he left the department and after he had been personally disciplined and removed from the task force. These temper tantrums show that he does not play well with other children, and I think he needs a time out."

Knight and his attorney have directed all inquiries about Suge and Death Row to HITS’ resident rabbi of rap Roy Trakin.