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Relationship Between King Of Pop And Management Co. Peters Out
The Gloved One is no longer a loved one at The Firm.

Hitsdailydouble.com has learned from several sources that the managerial powerhouse has parted ways with client Michael Jackson, citing numerous and ongoing creative differences.

Several people involved said The Firm had been unhappy in its relationship with Jackson for some time. The company began managing Jackson’s career nearly a year and a half ago.

While The Firm could not be reached for comment, a highly placed source explained that the self-proclaimed King of Pop "was too unpredictable and didn’t follow directions."

Jackson, who was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist, has yet to deliver his upcoming album to Sony Music, which had hoped to put it out last fall. According to Jackson insiders, who had no comment regarding The Firm’s decision, the album’s release remains up in the air.

Sources said Jackson’s announcement Monday (4/16) of a Sept. 7 concert at Madison Square Garden celebrating his 30th anniversary as a solo artist (hitsdailydouble.com, 4/17) came as a shock to executives at the highest levels at his label, as well as those at his management company.