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Net Swapper Announces Layoffs and Additions
Napster announced it is laying off 16 of its 104 employees today. The job cuts come from its administrative and customer service departments, though embattled swappery company doesn’t technically have any customers as of yet. Additionally, execs are currently struggling with making their own travel itineraries and coffee.

Napster CEO Konrad Hilbers released a statement this morning, saying the netco streamlined its staff to prepare for the launch of the company’s new membership-based service, shifting resources to more crucial areas at the company. In fact, in light of the job cuts, the file-sharing pioneer appointed two new VPs: Engineering VP Clair Hough and Operations VP Omar Ahmad.

Napster’s site, which at its peak welcomed 60 million users, has remained idle since July, due to lawsuits and court restraints.

In related news, Bertelsmann eCommerce Group (BeCG) completed a licensing and distribution agreement with Napster to use Napster’s new secure technology as a basis for its music service BeMusic, and give Napster expanded distribution.