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Streaming Preview of "Invincible"
If you're a curiosity-seeker, you can't figure out how to download it from Morpheus, or you're just a huge Michael Jackson fan, you might want to stop reading this and click here to hear Jacko's new Epic album, Invincible, in its entirety.

On the off chance that you've decided to finish reading this story first, here are the pertinent details: The singer's official website began streaming Jackson's long-awaited/delayed album for 24 hours today at noon EDT. Hey, you can even pre-order the album from the website. Isn't that handy? Invincible hits stores on Tuesday. The album features guest performances by Carlos Santana, Chris Tucker and Brandy, with producers including Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley and R. Kelly. It's Jacko's first album since 1997's Blood on the Dance Floor and his first of all-new material since 1991's Dangerous.

Jackson will be participating in a chat Friday night at 7 p.m. EDT. It will be hosted by Anthony DeCurtis. Unfortunately, Bubbles has other business and will be unable to participate.