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What A Girl Wants Is To Keep A Demo Album From Being Released
Apparently, what a girl wants, she’ll sue for.

Christina Aguilera filed suit on Friday (5/18) in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, against two music companies, her former producers and others in the hopes of blocking the commercial release of demo tapes she recorded six years ago.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction to prevent the release of "Just Be Free," an album containing 13 demo songs the 20-year old Aguilera recorded with producers Robert Allecca and Michael Brown. The album is set to drop in June, and many distributors, including Amazon.com, are already accepting advance orders.

"They're just not of the quality that her fans expect," says Aguilera's lawyer, Carla Christofferson. "There’s not a single ‘gitchy-gitchy-ya-ya-ya’ or phonetically learned Spanish phrase in the bunch."

Aguilera teamed up with the demo producers at the age of 14, having already sweet-talked judges on "Star Search," sung the "Star Spangled Banner" for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and cuddled up to rodents on "The New Mickey Mouse Club." The suit says Brown and Allecca worked for BAM Records, and made the demo in a basement studio.

Aguilera states that there was an "implied agreement" with producers that the tracks were for demo purposes only. She further claims that her name, likeness and photograph have been used without her consent. The suit is in response to one filed against her last week by Platinum Recording Group and JFB Music, which claim they own the recording rights and should be allowed to release the album as planned.