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With Napster Victory In Sight, RIAA Aims For Other Sites With "Nap" In The Name
With a legal victory against Napster expected shortly, the recording industry is now gearing up for a move against hundreds of Napster clones that offer similar access to free music via the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal reports today (2/23) that the Recording Industry Association of America has sent about 60 legal notices to Internet-service companies that provide Web connections for Napster and Napster-like servers. The RIAA began its latest crusade on Monday (2/19).

Numerous free programs, such as one called "Napigator," can be downloaded from the Internet and used to locate Open Napster servers, according to the report. Napigator doesn't stand alone as there are reports of about 350 such machines currently operating.

Cary Sherman, general counsel for the RIAA, said the actions against the Open Napster movement were made possible by the federal appeals court decision against Napster (hitsdailydouble.com, 2/12). The terms of that order could lead to Napster's closure, and will be argued March 2.