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Despite these and other difficulties, UMG insists the service will be fully operative by March 31.


Sub Service Hits Snag Amid Haggling, Litigation And Other Obstacles
A report on Webnoize today describing a "delay" in the implementation of the Universal-Sony streaming-music service known as the Duet Project came as little surprise to digital-entertainment insiders.

This is in large part because Sony's reticence about participating in the project has been the subject of rumors for months.

But it also owes to the lawsuit filed by publishers against UMG for allegedly including music it doesn't have the right to offer online in the beta version of the service (see story, 12/7), which was launched via farmclub.com on 10/23 (see our "user's report").

Webnoize also reports that OnAir Streaming Networks (formerly WWW.com), the company behind its streaming tech, is singing the dot-com downturn blues, heightening Sony's concerns.

Meanwhile, the digerati continue to snipe at the paltry remuneration being offered contractually to artists whose work is included in the service, with some claiming it's even lower than the fee paid for non-interactive services covered by compulsory licenses.

Despite these and other difficulties, reports Webnoize, UMG insists the service will be fully operative by March 31.