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A Quartet Of Music Stories Thrown Together For No Real Good Reason…Excepting Laziness

Although five songs written by Sting will appear on the soundtrack to the new Disney film "The Emperor's New Groove," only two actually appear in the film. According to the New York Post, Sting's contribution—which was originally supposed to be five tunes—was reduced because of a change in direction (as well as in director) of the animated flick. In fact, Sting can only be heard singing a song over the credits of the film. "Elton John didn't sing a single song in ‘The Lion King,'" said Tom Schumacher, Disney's president of feature animation. "It's not unusual." Ironic that he would choose those words as the other Sting composition, "My Perfect World," is sung by Tom Jones. That cut opens the film, if that's any compensation. Foxnews.com's Roger Friedman reports that Sting's wife Trudi Styler shot a documentary on the making of the movie. Titled "Inside The Sweat Box," the film chronicles the changes made to the film and will show how Sting's role was reduced. Like most things involving Sting and Trudi lately, the documentary is expected to last up to seven hours.

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has traded in his wife of six years for model Jill McCormick. According to the New York Post, Vedder pushed his wife Beth Liebling, who fronts the band Hovercraft, to the breaking point after bringing McCormick on the band's last tour. Reps for Vedder and McCormick would not confirm the story, however, other sources denied that McCormick was the sole reason for the marriage breakup. "Actually," said one insider, "Eddie had 72 model/girlfriends, one each for the 47 U.S. and 25 European tour stops."

Controversial rapper Eminem beat out the cartoon character Bob The Builder for the number one spot on the British pop charts last week. Slim Shady's "Stan" topped the Builder's "Can We Fix It." The feat is notable primarily because in April of last year, Eminem's "My Name" was bested by "Flat Beat" by the yellow furry puppet Flat Eric. "What is it with puppets and your charts in Britain?" Eminem asked the Sun, the British tabloid not the celestial object. "A puppet beat me once before, and I sure wasn't going to let it happen again." Eminem refused to clarify whether he was talking about Flat Eric or about Britney Spears.

Marilyn Manson has taken a shot at Moby after learning of comments the body-rocker made in the New York Post. In a Post story about Manson's drummer Ginger Fish getting injured at the Nov. 25 Hammerstein Ballroom show, the paper also mentioned a 1996 Roseland concert in which Manson hit Fish in the head with his microphone stand, sending him to the hospital. "It was disgusting," Moby, who was at the Roseland show, told a reporter at the time, "I'm waiting to see if the police want witnesses. That kind of violence is totally unnecessary." Mistaking Moby's quote for referencing the Hammerstein show, in which Fish broke his arm, Manson fired back, "That kind of violence is completely necessary. It's just unfortunate that Moby wasn't injured. My drummer has offered to beat him with his good arm, though." Fish issued his own statement: "Please stop hurting me."