HITS Daily Double


Clive Grabs A J, Source Is A Riot, MTV2 Thinks Outside The Box
A summary of the week's top stories, as brought to you by hitsdailydouble.com:

  1. CLIVE BEGINS A NEW CHAPTER AT BMG: Heeee's back. Was he ever away? Hey, he invented the idea of the comeback. (8/24)
  2. SOURCE AWARDS: THERE'S A RIOT GOING ON: Better than "Survivor," but will it be enough to save UPN? (8/24)
  3. MTV2 AND THE BOX GET SET TO TANGO: The Cohn/Cohen brothers, David and Peter, get set to engineer a merger between the two. (8/23)
  4. MEGADEALS UNDER SCRUTINY: Vivendi-Seagram looks like a go, but Time Warner-AOL, WMG-EMI hit a few roadblocks. (8/22)
  5. SONY, MP3.COM SETTLE: Four down and one to go, with the publishers up next. (8/21)
  6. IB BAD MAKES ONLINE DEBUT, STIRS THE DIGITAL POT: The man lays down a little "Near Truths" flava as he kicks the Warner-Chappell tires. (8/23)
  7. BMG EYES SEPTEMBER DOWNLOAD LAUNCH: Hey, what took you so long?! (8/23)
  8. IT'S NELLY'S "COUNTRY" AS ALBUM REMAINS #1: The St. Lunatic sound sweeps the nation. (8/22)
  9. NAPSTER REVEALS ITS BRIEF: File-sharer's note to the court anything but… (8/18)
  10. MP3BOARD PUTS ON A SUIT: Things continue to get litigious in the online world. (8/22)