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Cheaper Than The Cost Of Therapy

More Americans are tuning to Internet radio than ever. According to a survey conducted by Arbitron/Edison Media Research, online listening has jumped from 6% in 1998 to 20% in July 2000. A whopping 25% have listened to Internet audio, while 15% have viewed online video. Said Edison President Larry Rosin: "Audio and video make Web sites more interesting, appealing and ‘sticky.' In fact, three quarters of Americans surveyed agreed that Web sites would be more enjoyable if sound and video were included more often." The full study will be presented 9/21 during the National Association of Broadcasters convention in San Francisco, where delegates will be too busy swilling fruity cocktails at the End Up to pay attention to facts and figures.

Commercial-free digital music provider Music Choice has inked programming deals with five online companies. Teen mag Jump Online, retailers Nautica Jeans and Pacific Sunwear and broadband aggregators CoolCast and akoo.com have signed on for Music Choice's services. According to Nautica President Paulette McCready: "We have seen very favorable results since making Music Choice's audio programming available at Nautica Jeans.com. Too bad HITS' Erika Strada keeps jamming our site by playing that damn Owsley commercial over and over again."

Ecast, Inc. will begin featuring RollingStone.com music content. RollingStone.com will provide music news, album reviews and photos to Ecast's entertainment network. "Rolling Stone is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, so this partnership will immediately raise the profile of our entertainment network," said Ecast CEO Mouli Cohen. "Plus, they promised to give me more copies of the Britney Spears' hairy-belly cover issue. That's hot."

Rudy and Richard's friends-to-the-end pact was to "Survivor" what Amazon.com and America Online's alliance is to the Internet. E-tail giant Amazon has broadened its presence on AOL, thus making the Net provide its largest online partner. Through the extended alliance, Amazon will be widely available on AOL, Netscape Netcenter and CompuServe. Said AOL President and CEO Bob Pittman: "Amazon.com offers exactly the kind of quality, selection and customer service that AOL.com and Netscape visitors have come to know and trust, and by extending these relationships and expanding them to include CompuServe, this new alliance gives consumers more reason that ever to shop online with these America Online, Inc. brands. Now, will you please stop making me eat bug larvae?"

Tired of scrawling the lyrics of Ween's "You Fucked Up" in blood to the person who broke your heart? MP3.com and Expression Engines have an easier—and less maniacal way to get your message across. They've teamed up to offer streaming audio and hyperlinked graphics to e-mail messages. Expression's Favemail allows MP3.com users to add sounds and sights to e-mail without increasing the message's file size. Plus it'll save on the cost of bandages.