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Show Some Initiative—Vote
(Before Your Boss Orders You To)
Tell Us Who You Think Will Win The Awards, And We'll Rub It In When You're Wrong

We just bought some fancy computer equipment, and we thought it would be a good idea to use it.

Via the magic of the Internet, we're taking the pulse of the industry—and you do need to get that blood pressure down—regarding who will win big at the Grammys. You've got opinions and, kiddies, for once, someone cares. If you click right here, you'll be taken to our fabulous, easy-to-fill-out, six-category survey.

A running tabulation of the results will be posted daily (starting Wednesday) up until the day of the Awards, Feb. 21—so you can chart Grammy nominee Bud Scoppa's certain victory in the Best Album Notes category and have an advantage in the office pool.

Start your wagering now.