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Overall "Good Guy" Fails Immunity Challenge, Falls Victim To Tribal Council
Digital audio service provider RioPort's co-founder, noted tech-head and overall "good guy" J.D. Heilprin will exit his current role as the company's executive VP, and will become chairman of a new advisory board that will provide RioPort with ongoing counsel.

Heilprin's new advisory board will address market- and customer-oriented issues in the digital audio space.

RioPort President/CEO James Long will take on Heilprin's former duties in conjunction with the senior management staff already in place.

"As one of RioPorts co-founders, J.D. has played an integral role in launching the company," said Long. "We are very pleased that J.D. will continue to lend RioPort his expertise and creative vision through his work as chairman of our new advisory board. Heck, he's our only link to the traditional music industry, and had he not become an advisor, we tech geeks would have had trouble securing chicks, drugs and payola."

The talkative Heilprin said, "This has been the greatest experience of my career. RioPort has been at the forefront of what is nothing short of a revolution in the way that music and content is delivered to consumers and I am proud to have been a part of that. Over the last 18 months, I have had the opportunity to build a team of tremendously talented people, to work with top-tier technology firms and strategic investors, and to partner with premier entertainment brands, to help make digital music delivery a reality."

After taking a breath, he added, "I'm glad I got the ass-kissing part out of the way. Now, bring on the vacation."

While at RioPort, Heilprin was integral in securing partnerships with such online entities as the MTVi Group, Ministry of Sound and House of Blues. He also led the company's strategy of working with the major record companies to distribute secure digital music throughout the RioPort network.

Heilprin is expected to begin forming RioPort's new advisory board in early October.

Prior to joining RioPort, Heilprin led the Media and Entertainment Group for iXL. He previously held positions at Creative Artists Agency, Western International Media and Interactive Network.