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Police Investigating Reports That The Two Argued Over Who Should Replace Kathie Lee Gifford
Police in Pasadena are investigating an alleged fight involving San Francisco Bay Area rapper E-40 and lesser-known MC Mack Minister during the Source Hip-Hop Music Awards, which were stopped Tuesday night when several fights broke out in the audience (hitsdailydouble.com 8/23).

Andre Dow, who told police he was Mack Minister, was briefly hospitalized after the melee, according to Detective Jason Clawson.

Clawson told SonicNet that Minister alleges E-40 — who has collaborated on record with Mack Minister — attacked him.

Detectives have interviewed E-40 (born Earl Stevens) and Dow, but have made no arrests.

"We're just trying to determine what happened between the two parties," Sgt. Victor Alaniz said. "We don't know what happened at this point, especially since we've never heard of many of those involved.”

He asked, “Was TV's Fresh Price, you know… Will Smith, there? Was he getting jiggy wit' it?"