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"We saw huge Grammy sales increases for U2, Eminem, Steely Dan and Shelby Lynne."
—Bob Bell, Wherehouse


Shaggy, "WWF," Beatles, Dido and "Dance" Own The Top Five...For Now
Oh, sure, we've been to this dance before. Jaded industry weasels bitching about the nominations, moaning about the awards and kvetching about the venue. Then come the sales, and the cork goes back into the whine.

"We saw huge Grammy sales increases for U2, Eminem, Steely Dan and Shelby Lynne,"guffawed Bob Bell of Wherehouse, who looked lovely in his Toni Braxtonesque Grammy outfit.

And this time Bob's not talking like a spineless label-kissing retail 'ho. Indeed, unlike last year, when ONE artist swept the Grammys and benefited from the sales spike, this year's awards rewards were spread across the board.

C'mon, check out Steely Dan, which sold around 3,000 units last week. This week, the dour little boomer gods sold north of 20K. And look for even more, as Giant plans an extensive marketing campaign between now and the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame—this according to Giant chief Sal Pisello.

But that's just the beginning of Grammy glee. Check out sales action on U2 (which jumped 26-12), Jill Scott, Eminem, Madonna, Moby, Destiny's Child, Shelby Lynne and both Grammy Nominee projects from NARAS.

Of course, there's still a dependable Top Five this week, with Shaggy dependably holding on to the top spot, followed by a killer debut for Koch's next installment of WWF music, with those nutty Mop Tops at #3. Then there's the remarkable Dido story, as she holds on to the #4 position, with Hollywood Records' "Save The Last Dance" rounding out the first five.

"That WWF is for us people who like wrasslin'," said Wherehouse's Bell, as he affixed the two-sided tape to the inside of his blouse. "That Vince McMahon really did well for himself after leaving the Carson show."

Next week, get ready for the Dave Matthews Band.