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Music Netco Partners With Bertelsmann Online
International Internet media and entertainment portal BOL.com (Bertelsmann Online) and music netco GetMusic LLC have joined in an Internet content and commerce partnership in hopes of making BOL.com a high-traffic music-shopping site and expanding GetMusic's reach. Through the deal, BOL.com will be the exclusive online sales merchant for localized GetMusic sites outside of the U.S., including Germany, France, the U.K. and Switzerland. GetMusic will in turn provide BOL.com with music content in these territories.

"We are committed to moving quickly on our international expansion plans, and partnering with BOL.com is a key step toward facilitating this process," said GetMusic President and CEO Andrew Nibley, fantasizing about of a summer place of his own in Guterslah.

Also in the agreement, GetMusic joint owners Universal Music Group and BMG Entertainment, the music and entertainment division of media company Bertelsmann AG, will also link to BOL.com—completing yet another web of Internet strategic alliances. Didja notice the clever use of "web" in the preceding sentence?