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Purchase Creates Whale of A Music Chain
What do you get when you cross Djangos with Moby Disc? Djangos Moby Disc Records.

Portland, OR-based click-and-mortar music retailer Djangos has purchased the six-store Southern California Moby Disc chain, thus creating the cleverly named fleet of stores.

Djangos sells new and used music and videos in retail stores and online. Its operation is linked by computer kiosks, which access inventory at all locations. Djangos currently has stores in Chicago, Seattle and Portland. The Moby Disc merger adds locations in Santa Monica, Pasadena, Canoga Park, Sherman Oaks, Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.

The company now has 19 co-branded stores and plans to add more by the end of the year.

Djangos had partnered with MP3.com's “Instant Listening” program to instantly deliver music purchased online. That program has been put on hold while MP3.com continues to face legal problems. Djangos says it expects its digital distribution option to resume this fall or whenever the Big Five officially make MP3.com say "uncle."