HITS Daily Double
"These much-deserved appointments are not only a reflection of their past contributions, they reflect our confidence in their ability to steer us into the 21st century."
——Lenny Beer, HITS Editor-In-Chief


Hail To The New Chiefs: We Demand A Recount

"The interests of the individual are closely tied to those of the collective. If there is any contradiction between them, morality demands that the former yield to the latter."—Ho Chi Minh, President, People's Republic Of Vietnam, 1956

"What the hell do you mean they're two weeks late paying their bill…and where the hell is lunch!?!?!"—HITS Magazine President Karen Glauber and HITS Digital Ventures President Todd Hensley, 2001

It is a new millennium, a new era, a new world order…and a new greaseless, fat-free way of cooking meat and poultry, thanks to the George Foreman-brand cooker from the Salton Company. But that's a whole other story.

That said, HITS Publisher Dennis Lavinthal and Editor In Chief Leonard J. Beer have rewarded two HITS veterans, two HITS warriors, two respected, beloved members of the HITS family, to the lofty positions of President, HITS Magazine and President, HITS Digital Ventures, respectively.

Larry Frazin and Jon Leshay, come on down and get your stripes, you crazy knuckleheads.

Oh, sorry. Wrong decade, wrong warriors.

In reality, Karen Glauber has officially been named President of HITS Magazine. We say "officially," because we've all been bowing to her for years.

In addition, Todd Hensley has been named President of HITS Digital Ventures, a new division representing HITS' burgeoning online presence and commitment to online activity. He will also continue his current duties at the magazine.

"Karen and Todd have grown with HITS since its very early days. Their insight, knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the music business have enabled us to react and respond to its constantly changing needs. These much-deserved appointments are not only a reflection of their past contributions, they reflect our confidence in their ability to steer us into the 21st century," said HITS Editor-In-Chief Beer, carefully reading the words of a $2,500-a-day publicist whom he'll ultimately stiff at billing time.

"Whatever Lenny said," commented Publisher Lavinthal, who was on vacation and unavailable for comment.

Naturally, neither promotion will be accompanied by an increase in salary, with Lavinthal and Beer charging the new Presidents a one-time fee for their new titles.

Glauber, who most recently served as Senior Vice President of the magazine, has been with HITS since 1990, joining the company from A&M Records, where she served in a number of posts. She formed and built the HITS Post Modern/Rock2K department, ultimately making it an industry-respected cornerstone of the magazine.

"I'd like to thank Dennis and Lenny for offering me this unique opportunity," said President Glauber. "Besides the incredible professional relationship we've had, both of them have become family to me. And while it seems highly unlikely at this time, I may allow them to speak with me personally at some point in the future."

Hensley, who was most recently Vice President/Senior Broadcast Editor, is a veteran radio programmer. He joined HITS in 1987 and has contributed to building and growing all facets of the magazine. He is responsible for HITS' entry into the online world, including hitsdailydouble.com.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to expand HITS' online presence. Dennis and Lenny have given me a mandate to explore all opportunities. We will continue to be on the cutting edge in our exploration of ways to better service the music industry. Now let's all go down to Posto and celebrate," said President Hensley, referring to a popular Sherman Oaks boite.

Both appointments are effective immediately.