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Garbage Sues UMG, Claims "Monopolistic And Strong-Arm Tactics"
PoMo rockers Garbage have filed suit for declaratory relief against the Universal Music Group for using "wrongful, monopolistic and strong-arm tactics" in its dealing with the band.

The suit, filed Monday (1/29) in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims the music giant ignored a "key-man clause" in its contract with Almo Sounds, which gave the band an out if label chair Jerry Moss ever left. According to allstarnews.com, the suit alleges UMG and Almo denied Moss' departure and claimed power to force Garbage to record for one of its own contracted labels, including enforcing singer Shirley Manson's seven-year-old contract with Radioactive Records for her pre-Garbage work with her former band, Angelfish.

UMG, Almo, Radioactive, MCA Records, Universal Music and Video Distribution, Inc. and MCA Records Canada have been named in the suit.

Meanwhile, the band plans to promote its upcoming album on " Judge Judy."