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Paul Ryan, Chief of VC backer Acacia,
Replaces Lisa Crane At Music Site
Online music destination Soundbreak has a new CEO. Paul Ryan, who also heads venture firm Acacia Research, the multimedia dot-com's primary backer, has taken the reins for Lisa Z. Crane, who abruptly departed this week.

Soundbreak declined to comment on the transition. But here are some official quotes that make everything look peachy keen:

"I look forward to working with the talented team at Soundbreak as they continue to grow their worldwide audience," said Mr. Ryan. "Soundbreak is well funded and continues to execute on its business plan. And since I'm largely responsible for said funding, I've decided to appoint myself Dictator for Life as well."

"Paul and I have a great history of working well together," said Mark Goodman, Soundbreak's Vice President of Music Programming. "Paul's vision and involvement has been critical since the start-up of the company and we look forward to a greater involvement on his part. And he promised not to replace me with Jesse Camp."