HITS Daily Double


Facts So Condensed, You’ll Wonder Why We Wrote About Them At All

Black Entertainment Television (BET) celebrates turning 20 with a "Black Star Power" gala to be telecast May 6 live from the Jubilee Theater inside Bally's Hotel and Casino. Among those scheduled to appear and perform will be LLCool J, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, Luther Vandross, Sisqo and Dr. Dre. Among those scheduled not to appear will be Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and Lazaro Gonzalez. Jamie Foxx will guest host and have a stunt double throwing footballs for him throughout the telecast… MCA hip-hop artist Common has decided to take advantage of that newfangled invention by Al Gore called "the information superhighway" by creating an Internet-only video of his track "Heat" directed by Brian Meehan for Lock Down Entertainment to debut on May 8 on Okayplayer.com. A former ball boy for the Chicago Bulls, the rapper's first album for MCA debuted at #16 last month on the charts and scanned over 72,000 its first week getting a lot more play than those Jordan-less scrubs he used to work for… One of the most influential bands on the Seattle music scene, Mudhoney, has recorded a new single, called "Inside Job" for MUSICBLITZ. In a move designated to fake out those scofflaw Napster downloaders, the group is making the song available as a free download at Musicblitz.com Their first single, "Touch Me I'm Sick" (SubPop) has been called "the definitive grunge song" and was parodied by Matt Dillon in the movie "Singles." Mudhoney encourages all parodies of Matt Dillon to be sent to www.imalmostforty.com… Once described as "The Sex Pistols meets KISS on acid," the platinum rockers Poison are coming on with more force than a second heave as they announce a new record, a new label and a new tour. "Power To The People" is scheduled for release June 13 on Cyanide Music, their own label and they kick off their new tour June 13 in Pennsylvania. Said lead singer Bret Michaels, "Poison is my fantasy and my reality. ‘Power to the People' is dedicated to the fans who truly carry the ultimate power to allow my fantasy to be my reality." That's fantastic. Really.