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News So Unimportant, It’s Surprising Anyone Else Took The Time To Write About It
Not one to be set back by being dropped by a label, perennial rocker Sammy Hagar is currently recording a new studio album. The Red Rocker hopes to find a label and release the disc, tentatively titled "Ten Thirteen," around his birthday, Oct. 13. Hagar parted ways with MCA Records after 1999's "Red Voodoo" was poorly received. Apparently, only so many people were interested in "Mas Tequila." And speaking of tequila, the high-minded man of letters is attempting to set a world record on Cinco de Mayo for the most shots consumed at one time. Sadly, this is not a personal record but a historically lengthy line of shot-drinkers. The event will take place at Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico… Who hasn't argued about the most famous pop music trio? Was it Peter, Paul & Mary; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; or Morten Harket, Pal Waktaar & Magne Furuholmen? As if you needed it spelled out, the latter triumvirate made up the Norwegian pop sensation A-ha. Now making a comeback, the trio, which saw success in the '80s with the MTV-fueled hit "Take On Me" and less so with the follow-up "The Sun Always Shines On TV," are releasing a new single "Summer Moved On," from their forthcoming disc, "Minor Earth, Major Sky." Surprisingly, this release will be the band's sixth album. Hmmmm. So, what kept them apart for so long? Well, it wasn't a lack of interest by the public, that's for sure… An Australian judge has ordered a dismissal of the lawsuit filed against Savage Garden by former managers Paul Leslie Redfern and his wife, Sharon Maree Redfern. The Redferns had sued the band's Darren Hayes and Daniel Johns for 20% of all earnings, including future profits, over the late 1994 termination of a management deal. The judge not only dismissed the case but also administered a bare-bottom paddling and sentenced the Redferns to 300 hours of continuous Yahoo Serious movie viewing. That sentence may seem harsh, but Foster's Lager fans know that's Australian for "justice."… The advance lesson to be learned is: Don't let the success of "The Sopranos" soundtrack go to your head. Regardless of that advice, London-Sire Records has plans to release a soundtrack to HBO's popular "Sex And The City" on June 6. Acts tentatively slated for the disc include Pet Shop Boys, Groove Armada, Lil' Kim, Aimee Mann, Joan Osborne, Missy Elliot, Tom Jones and The Dust Brothers. Most of the tracks have never been domestically released. No word on what the single will be. The release will prove, once and for all, what sells better: sex or violence? In related news, NBC's "Today" show will be releasing a CD of acts that have played its Friday-morning concert series during the last four summers. The network is currently in talks with a number of labels. The morning show christens its fifth summer series on May 5 with Steely Dan, followed by a special Monday concert May 8 by Diana Ross & The (Neo) Supremes… To celebrate the fourth year of the RMAT (the Rhino Musical Aptitude Test), the original members of Devo will kick off the testing period at Tower Sunset in Los Angeles on May 17. The band will also be signing copies of its new two-CD anthology on Rhino, "Pioneers Who Got Scalped." The RMAT is the hour-long, open-book, 305-question multiple choice test that seeks to find the ‘world's biggest music geek.'" The test is also sometimes known as "the ultimate music trivia challenge." This year's winner will receive a prize package worth over $50,000, which is a helluva lot more than one gets for doing well on the SAT or ACT.