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Take Porn Off The Net, And All You're Left With Is Stuff Like This
Digital audio software company MusicMatch has created a Macintosh counterpart for its MusicMatch Jukebox. The Jukebox allows users to record, organize and play CD-quality MP3s. It's now available to Mac users as a free beta download aton the MusicMatch site.Which means Mac users can now join PC fans as potential defendants in a Napster-related lawsuit… Also having a Mac attack: Cassidy & Green, the makers of MP3 encoder/player SoundJam MP, who have teamed with online MSP MP3.com. SoundJam MP enables Macintosh users to store and manage music online. The partnership will extend digital storage space on the Mac platform as well as deliver music updates and artist and concert information to SoundJam users… Wow, that death-rapsong on the store P.A. is so good, I think I'll buy this tutu. MP3.com has formed a retail music licensing division that will supply businesses, stores, restaurants, etc. with music. The company will deliver selected songs via the Internet and subscribers can insert their own advertisements. MP3.com has not clarified whether the selections catalog will include major label artists or solely its own artists. The company is currently in licensing talks with major labels… Home multimedia manufacturer ReQuest Media has partnered with digital music seller EMusic.com Inc. to provide sample MP3 music to AudioRequest stereo users. EMusic will provide music from its catalog of artists to be preinstalled in AudioRequest units. EMusic.com president and CEO Gene Hoffman says, "A key factor in the continued growth of digital music is the delivery of quality hardware components. Also, giving away stuff for free doesn't hurt"… Perhaps a bit wary of litigation, digital music company Musicblitz has signed over 100 established artists to recording deals that will allow them to take control and earn royalties from free music downloads. The company's A-list of artists include Aimee Mann, The Presidents, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Taj Mahal, Maxi Priest and others. Musicblitz will enable artists to record new music on a per-project basis and for songs the company funds, it will pay the artists, writers and producers. In a related story, the RIAA plans to sue the company for giving the artists too much cheddar… The Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) added more participants to its list of 200 companies and organizations last week. SDMI, a forum for developing and open framework for playing, storing and distributing protected music, is working to help settle issues in the online distribution of music, in addition to refining the technology. Noted one participant, "We couldn't be more excited. Hey, my watch stopped--do you know if it's 1998 yet?"… Gigmania, the Internet live music listing source, has selected a winner for its "Plug-in, Play-out and Get Paid" Contest launched in January. Gigmania invited any artist, singed or unsigned, to upload an MP3 track to the Gigmania site. They received hundreds of submissions and awarded Absolutely Kosher artists Thingy $40,000 in tour support… XM Satellite Radio Inc.and Best Buy Co., Inc.announced a sales, marketing and distribution agreement that calls for Best Buy to sell the XM Radio service and XM radios throughout its retail stores. The XM satellites will transmit up to 100 channels of digital music and programming directly to its vehicle, home and portable radios… "Controversial" KNAC.com DJ The Rack has been added to the Electronic Art computer game The Sims. The Rack is available as an add-on to the game exclusively at KNAC.com… Online teen network iTurf Inc. has partnered with music service provider Myplay.com, giving teens on iTurf.com, The Spark.comand gURL.comthe ability to get, store and manage their favorite digital music files. Myplay will provide users with a free "music locker" that can house up to 3GB.Myplay would like to remind you to just say no to sharing Metallica tracks, kids... Chuck D's hip-hop portal Rapstation.com will feature Radiate's download manager Go!Zilla. Radiate, an electronic media and service company, is delivering the free software in hopes of closing the "digital divide." "Small businesses, single parents and schools with low budgets no longer need to stress about how they can get their kids the software they need," says Rapstation CEO Lathan Hodge. "Especially if what they need most is the ability to get uncensored Eminem tracks for free."