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New Tonocorder To Take Advantage Of Users Singing To Their Computers
Online startup Tonos has entered into an exclusive partnership with eMagic, a producer of music production software, to provide easy-to-use online music creation tools for singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, producers and DJs.

Under the new agreement, eMagic will provide customized downloadable software applications that will enable Tonos visitors to record their music and lyrics in collaboration with others. Additionally, Tonos is now the exclusive distributor of eMagic's Internet audio software solutions.

eMagic's first creation for Tonos is the Tonocorder, which enables users with microphones attached to their computers to record, mix and create custom music and vocal tracks directly on the site. When finished, users submit their creations for review.

"eMagic's expertise in music-related software engineering has already provided a valuable piece to the Tonos puzzle, with the Tonocorder," said Tonos President and CEO Matt Farber. "I hope the voices that come out of my computer complement the ones that I've been hearing in my head."

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