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Rapper "Vindicated" By Judge’s Decision
A judge has ruled in favor of Dr. Dre in a dispute over a 1991 contract with a music industry executive, calling the deal "unconscionably unfair" to the rap singer.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Malcom Mackey said the statute of limitations had run out on the contract, making an attempt by Solar Records head Dick Griffey’s to bring any damage claims against the rapper a moot point.

Dr. Dre—born Andre Young—said he never signed the contract in which he supposedly agreed to give Griffey 25% of his profits from 1991 to 1993. In return, Griffey agreed to serve as the rapper’s mentor.

Mackey said the contract was grossly unfair to Young and out of line with standard entertainment industry contracts. He declined to elaborate on his decision, saying the information was in the official record.

Dr. Dre said he felt "vindicated" by the ruling.

"Justice was served," he said. "That’s about it. I get to keep my money."