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For The Geek Who Has Everything:
The Smellwave Odor Generator
Bet you’ve been waiting for this with bated breath, so to speak.

The wonders of digital technology have now brought us the Smellwave odor generator, a way to transmit smells over the Internet. Smellwave, the U.K.-based company that has come up with this fine product, is the first to bring virtual smells to the marketplace, beating out several other companies that are even now working on similar technology. Music site Worldpop.com will be the first netfit to use the Smellwave generator.

According to Smellwave Project Director Steven Payne, the aromatic effects are "subtle," with more pungent smells producing more dramatic results. For example, the Smellwave also does an excellent impersonation of bacon. Sweat is being featured in the initial promotion because, says Payne, "it's the easiest smell to produce and it's easily recognizable."

The Daily Double hopes to use Smellwave technology in the near future. By combining sweat, bacon and a third, unnamed (perhaps undefined?) odor, we could finally perfect our virtual Ricky Leigh.