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Leftovers We Had To Turn Into A Stew, Because Throwing Them Out Would Have Been Wasteful
Rocker Tommy Lee was released from a Los Angeles jail Tuesday (May 30) after serving a five-day sentence for a parole violation that was brought to the attention of Judge Lawrence Mira on Friday (May 26). In addition to the five-day sentence, Mira extended the musician's probation until May 2003. Lee was also ordered to resume random drug testing and to enroll in Alcoholics Anonymous. While spending Memorial Day in the slammer is nobody's idea of fun, it did give Lee a chance to host a barbecue with OG's Robert Downey Jr., Ol' Dirty Bastard and Bobby BrownBad Boy artist Black Rob skipped a court date Friday in New York, where he was supposed to face charges for his previously reported arrest for weapons and drugs possession. The rapper, who has spent nearly half his life behind bars, missed the opportunity to turn himself in, according to a Manhattan District Attorney spokesperson. He could get seven years if convicted. When reached for comment, Black Rob said, "If I had known about Tommy's barbecue, I'd have been there"… British rock group Oasis will be finished if songwriter-guitarist Noel Gallagher releases a solo album, his brother Liam said in an interview Wednesday. "When you do a solo album, how can you go back? If he does a solo album, then Oasis is dead,'' Liam told Britain's Sun tabloid. Last week, Noel abruptly quit the group's latest world tour amid reports of a row with his brother, and expressed a desire to record on his own. "Now if the bloody bugger would get offa ‘is arse and realize I'm the one with true fuckin' talent, we could move past this debacle," Liam said… Joe Cocker is demanding his name be scrubbed from the tail end of an Australian government tax advertisement that uses his song "Unchain My Heart," his Australian managers said Wednesday. Cocker was reportedly furious that his song, which cost the government A$270,000 ($157,000) to use, was being used for political purposes rather than just for information. Said Cocker, "I haven't felt so commercial since I did that duet with Jennifer Warnes for ‘Officer And A Gentleman.'"… Aging thought-rocker Sting will be playing a chess match against World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov to raise money for the Rainforest Foundation. The match will take place on June 29. Although most matches with Kasparov usually take about 30 minutes, Sting is expected to tantrically lengthen his match to somewhere near seven hours… In response to the hilarious Flash cartoon parody of Metallica's war on Napster, the members of Motley Crue approached CampChaos.com, the site responsible, to register their take on the situation. The resulting cartoon, titled "Metalli-Greed: Motley Crue Responds To Metallica," features the actual members of the band referring to Metallica as "a group of cranky, moody assholes." The members of the Crue also say that the Napster issue is "fucking bullshit" and swear that they'd never sue their fans. The three dozen remaining fans of the band have issued a thank you.

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