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Whalley & Thyret, Britney & Eminem, Michaels & O’Keefe, Hilary & Napster This Week’s Fun Couples
A summary of the week's top stories, as brought to you by hitsdailydouble.com:
  1. AMES PURSUES WHALLEY FOR WARNER POST: WMG boss roger ames',390,400);">roger ames',390,400);">Roger Ames makes a stunning big -bucks offer to Interscope Geffen A&M President Tom Whalley with 20 months left on his contract. (5/23)
  2. WB VET THYRET DECIDES TO GO FISHING: Long-time Warner Bros. Inc. exec russ thyret',390,400);">russ thyret',390,400);">Russ Thyret ponders his future after finding out about Ames' offer to Whalley. (5/24)
  3. BRITNEY SPEARS THE COMPETITION AS FIRST-WEEK MILLIONAIRE: Britney Spears' "Oops… I Did It Again" tops 1.3 million copies over the counter in first-week sales, making her the best-selling female artist ever in that category. (5/23)
  4. EM-AZING: "THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP" STARTS RETAIL FRENZY: Aftermath/ Interscope rapper rides "The Real Slim Shady" and saturation MTV play into first-week sales that look to top 1.7 million. (5/25)
  5. MICHAELS & O'KEEFE ARE CLEAR SAILING AT CLEAR CHANNEL: Radio vets Randy Michaels and Kenneth J. O'Keefe will head Clear Channel after their merger with AMFM is finalized. (5/22)
  6. CONROY GOES HIGH TECH AT BMG ENTERTAINMENT: BMG's lead technology expert kevin conroy',390,400);">kevin conroy',390,400);">Kevin Conroy gets a boost… He now gets to answer all of Christina Aguilera's e-mail. (5/23)
  7. EDEL STARTS SPREADING THE NEWS CORP: Global entertainment company edel continues its wheeling and dealing by striking a licensing deal with rupert murdoch',390,400);">rupert murdoch',390,400);">Rupert Murdoch. (5/23)
  8. EMI'S CUP IS HALF FULL: Profits up, marketshare down for U.K. conglom as it heads into WMG merger. (5/23)
  9. MS. ROSEN GOES TO WASHINGTON: Artists and execs descend on Capitol Hill to debate "Work For Hire" provisions before Congress and pick up on President Clinton's interns. (5/25)
  10. NAPSTER GETS A HUMMER: Venture capitalist firm Hummer Winblad invests $15 million in Napster and places Hank Barry as its new CEO. The company is also a major investor in Liquid Audio. (5/22)