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Partnership With Microsoft Opens Door For Music Library Downloads—Is Pocket Fisherman Next?
Been looking to download the Starland Vocal Band's greatest hit? Well, the time has finally come thanks to the Internet-savvy people at K-tel.

K-tel International Inc. and Microsoft Corp. revealed a deal Tuesday whereby K-tel will begin selling thousands of titles from its music library as digital downloads this spring.

K-tel will offer its content for sale directly from its Web site, at http://www.ktel.com/.

It marks the label's most significant commitment yet to secure online digital music distribution. K-tel will use the Microsoft Windows Media Format for all digital downloads from its proprietary music database.

"Our new site will be launched by mid-May, and our use of Windows Media technology will allow our customers to sample and download individual songs from K-tel's music library quickly while at the same time preserving audio quality," said Samantha Kives, Director of K-tel's online division. "Of course, if customers would like to preserve fruits and vegetables around the kitchen, nothing works better than our Dehydrator, which is also available."

K-tel downloads will also be featured at WindowsMedia.com's site, at http://windowsmedia.com/. In addition, WindowsMedia.com will feature other K-tel audio content, such as K-tel radio stations.

"K-tel's catalog of popular music spanning five decades of hits will expand the mainstream market for digital music," said Dave Fester, General Manager of Marketing, Digital Media Division at Microsoft. "More and more people are integrating digital music into their daily lives, and this substantial commitment by K-tel helps ensure an even broader selection of high-quality music in Windows Media Format."
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