HITS Daily Double
"MTVi has created an environment where risk-taking is rewarded."
—Judy McGrath, President MTV Group and Chairman, Interactive Music


Ortiz, Vaccaro, Melucci Upped; Weier, McCoy, Cohen Hired; Tinker, Evers, Chance Turn Two
The MTVi Group today added six new Vice Presidents—three promotions and three new hires—to its burgeoning roster of executives.

"Hey" Joe "Where You Goin' With That Gun In Your Hand" Ortiz was promoted to VP of Marketing and Promotions for MTVi from his position as VH1.com Director of Marketing. John "Don't Call Me Brenda" Vaccaro was upped to VP of Technology Management and Infrastructure of MTVi from the equally sexy position of Director of Planning and Project Management at MTVi. Former Sonicnet.com Director Music News, "Place" Matt Melucci was elevated to Managing Editor.

VH1 talent relation guru David "Bird On A" Weier was named VP of Music and Talent Relations at VH1.com. Radio vet and author "President John" Quincy "Adams" McCoy was hired as the new VP of Music and Radio Programming at Sonicnet.com. And former Food Network VP of New Media Sarah "Toys" R. Cohen was named VP of Programming and Production for MTV.com. She will also fill in as the Iron Chef Italian, should the need arise.

"MTVi has created an environment where risk-taking is rewarded," said MTV Group President and Chairman Interactive Music "Punch &" Judy McGrath. "That's helped us attract some of the best minds in the business. And then there's these six people we hired; they're pretty smart, too."

"These new additions to our senior staff will continue to strengthen our position as the number one online music entertainment network," said MTVi Group President/CEO Nicholas "Mrs." Butterworth. "We're assembling a dream team of innovative thinkers across the board at MTVi. Hopefully, they'll all have innovative ways of picking up my dry cleaning."

The six new VPs will live together in a house in New Orleans and their adventures will be broadcast weekly on MTV as "The Real Survivors."

In related news, MTV was ranked as the highest-rated cable network among the coveted 12-34 year-old demographic for the second quarter 2000, according to Nielsen Media Research.

"Our unsurpassed performance and popularity with 12-34 year-olds across the board reflects the enduring strength of MTV's original programming," said MTV President Van "D. Camp's" Toffler. "Just wait till we add some music videos to our rotation."