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Kiss’ "Beth" Drives Another American Over The Edge
A fan attending a March 23 Kiss concert at California's Oakland Arena fell to his death from an upper balcony.

"It must have been the fire breathing or blood spitting that sent him over the edge," said HITS’ own Marc Pollack, a dedicated member of the KISS army for over 20 years.

Shawn Timothy Stubblefield
, 36, of Calistoga suffered multiple blunt injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at Alameda County Highland Hospital.

A representative of the band’s management said that Kiss was understandably upset about the accident, clarifying that the accident had nothing to do with the elaborate staging and production elements that Kiss uses in their concerts. "When we said this was the final Kiss tour," the rep said, "this wasn’t what we had in mind."

The representative also denied any connection to the latest Kiss Pepsi commercial—which features the cute Pepsi girl in full Kiss makeup—although more than a dozen concert-goers were treated after being overcome with "the joy of cola."