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Latin Heartthrob Takes Latin Label To Latin Court
For $3 Latin Million
Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias has filed a lawsuit against Fonovisa, alleging that the Latin record label owes him as much as $3 million.

Iglesias, the son of Julio Iglesias, has released five albums on the label, dating back to his self-titled 1995 debut.

He claims that he has not been paid for sales of those recordings and alleges that the label has violated its copyright of his signature song, "Bailamos," by including it on a pair of compilation recordings.

The singer, who released his English-language debut titled "Enrique" on Interscope last year, has "no hard feelings toward Fonovisa," according to his attorney. "He's fond of a lot of people he worked with there. But he has become very successful and made them a lot of money. It's only fair that they pay him his portion."

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