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The past week has brought a number of cases involving some of the top rap acts.


ODB, DMX, Q-Tip, Da Brat, Snoop Dogg And Mac All Brush With The Law
Arrests, indictments and court appearances—no, it's not the script template for an episode of "Law & Order." It’s just business as usual in the world of hip-hop superstars. The past week has brought a number of cases involving some of the top rap acts, suggesting that perhaps we'll see more of them on Court TV than MTV.

In Los Angeles, prosecutors decided last week to send court fixture Ol' Dirty Bastard in for a 90-day psychiatric evaluation after he admitted to violating his probation by possessing alcohol while attending drug rehab. He will be sent to Chino State prison for testing before his June sentencing, at which time he could face three or more years in prison.

That same week in New York, rap icon DMX was a no-show at his scheduled New York court appearance. The headline-grabbing, chart-dominating Emcee was slated to answer to drug and traffic violations that allegedly took place in early March. DMX, currently on the Cash Money-Ruff Ryders tour, was detained in Houston and issued a warrant. Now he must appear in court on a bench warrant sometime next month.

Former A Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip has also been ordered to appear in court regarding his alleged assault on a man at the Times Square Virgin Megastore. Tip was not arrested, but did turn himself in. He now must appear in court in late April to answer the possible assault charges, but that may be the least of his worries. The supposed victim plans to lodge a civil suit against the critically acclaimed lyrical stylist for his medical expenses.

But it's not just a man's world. So So Def artist Da Brat also has an April court date surrounding her bar brawl with a woman in Atlanta. In early March, Da Brat was arrested and charged with a felony count of aggravated battery for allegedly pistol-whipping the woman. The victim was also charged with simple battery for her role in the altercation. One week after the fight, five people were injured in a drive-by shooting outside Da Brat's apartment, in what authorities are investigating as a retaliatory act.

West Coast No Limit soldier Snoop Doggy Dogg avoided arrest at N.Y.'s Kennedy Airport last Wednesday, but the rapper's bodyguards were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon. The guards each had permits to carry guns in California, but when they attempted to check their pistols at the airport, United Airlines staff found that they were not licensed to carry a weapon in New York. Snoop, who was anxious to return home, made the flight to L.A.

Meanwhile, Snoop’s fellow No Limit rapper Mac was indicted for murder in the second degree last week, in the case of a Baton Rouge-area club death last month. A grand jury deliberated for only 10 minutes before changing the original charge from first-degree murder. If convicted, Mac, who is scheduled for arraignment at presstime, could face a mandatory life sentence.

In a related story, our own Meshugge Knight was unable for the 567th week to get his M.O.T. posse arrested.