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"RealNetworks strongly believes that mobile devices will play a paramount role in the future of computing and information exchanges."
—Rob Glaser, Real Networks


Streaming Behemoth Pacts With Nokia, Unleashes New Ways To Pester Users
RealNetworks doesn't ever want you to have a moment's peace.

At least that's one implication of the digital-media service company's recent announcements. The Seattle-based outfit has inked a deal with Finnish cell-phone giant Nokia to deliver audio and video content via mobile phones and today unveiled two new ways for its content affiliates to reach users directly.

Nokia has made Helsinki a sort of model wireless city, with a gigantic portion of the populace enjoying "ubiquitous connectivity" via portable phones and other wireless devices; its aggressive expansion of wireless infrastructure will inevitably bring the revolution to other metropolises. Since it's only a matter of time before content deliverers begin stuffing noise into all those newly accessible earholes, Real has jumped on the opportunity.

"RealNetworks strongly believes that mobile devices will play a paramount role in the future of computing and information exchanges," proclaimed Real generalissimo rob glaser',390,400);">rob glaser',390,400);">Rob Glaser. "Plus, being able to blaze an Eminem jam in your phone while driving is bound to cut down on road rage."

The first Nokia-compatible RealPlayer is expected to roll out in 2001. Real currently vends its top-of-the-line RealPlayer 8 software for $29.95 on its site, which means that, unlike many dot-coms offering free players, the company is—in the phrase of financial analysts—raking in mad cheddar.

Knowing that a day without announcements is a day without a stock spike, Real today cranked out a release regarding its expanded Real.com Message Service, which lets affiliated content services harass users about new offerings, and its new Real.com Connection, which expands the options said providers have within the Real programming guide, or something.

"Together, Real.com Connection and the new Message Service dramatically expand the power and diversity of the Real.com Network as a distribution platform," said VP of Media Publishing Mark Hall. "And even if they don't, we know these Internet news deadlines are killing you and you'll print anything. Suckers."